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Social Media Relationships

Why focus on Social media Relationships?

I’ve been working for both marketing departments and agencies, so I know the struggle of finding the right marketing help in the jungle of agencies as well as finding the right clients who trusts your work. You want that perfect match where you speak the same language and where nothing is lost in translation.

So why did I start another social media service when there are already millions of agencies out there doing the same thing? Because, I never found anyone who truly cares about the relationship, between you and the agency as well as the brand and the audience.

The relationship is key and happen to be something that is trending within social media communities. So whatever your choice will be, to get help from a social media agency or not, these are the things you need to focus on next:

Content is King

The saying, “Content is King” never gets old and it’s still true today. Although content is changing, from only having great looking images and fancy blog posts to the importance of personalizing your content that speaks to your audience. Content does take time and money to create but there are several creative ways to be personal without hiring an entire production team, as long as you know your brands core values and who your audience is.

You need to take risks and create social content without worrying too much about perfection.

Why is it so important right now to become more personal?

Not only because your audience demands it in order to get their attention but also because the social media platforms have adapted to this trend: The Future of Social Media Platforms and Ways in Which Businesses Can Utilize Them

How to be personal? There are several ways; use UGC or emojis, take a stand and dare to show who you are behind the brands wall. What are your audience’s values and interests that connects with your brands beliefs? Read How to use Emojis.
Get to know your audience

This is simple to say but harder to do. You need a social listening tool and constant monitoring to see what your audience is talking about. Preferably you want to get out there and ask them straight up how they feel about your brand and what drives them. Getting to know your audience is so important, Imagine buying a gift for someone you don’t know. You’re understandably clueless of what type of gift that person wants but if you know the person you know where to go and what to look for. So if you know your audience you know what buttons to push, where, how and when!

How did a Millennial Couple build an 8-Figure Business? By knowing their audience, read more here: How A Millennial Couple Spent Their Last $1,000 To Build An 8-Figure Business
Start thinking like an entrepreneur

Have you tried looking at your brand from your audience’s perspective? This is a difficult practice to master but I have seen this so many times, especially in larger companies but even SMB who falls in this black hole of only viewing their brand from their own perspective. This saying is well overused but true; think outside the box and start thinking like an entrepreneur. Sometime you need an agency or someone’s help to even see it from another perspective but when you do, opportunities will open up. Here is a great article of someone who tried it: I Became A Better Marketer When I Started Thinking Like an Entrepreneur