Social media Trends

3 Social Selling Tips

What is social selling?

Social selling is when salespeople use social media to interact directly with their prospects. Salespeople will provide value by answering prospect questions and offering thoughtful content until the prospect is ready to buy.


Let’s rewind the tape a bit to when social media started to be a thing for businesses. Then it was all about engagement; engage with your audience, reach a bigger crowd and create communities. When that didn’t work as well as people wanted and when the social media channels realized this is something they can make money off, ads came along. “You can’t be on social media unless you use ads”. It’s a waste of time and effort to post every day unless you pay for some posts that give back results. 

1. Be personal

Which leads us to today. We are now somewhere in between the first and the second phase where it doesn’t work to only use paid ads, you still need to be there and engage with your audience and most importantly be personal and transparent.

2. Use Paid ads

We have entered a phase where the audience want to see who’s behind the brand and connect on a deeper level. You want the brand’s persona to align with your own values and it’s therefor important as a brand to show your personality. You do that through content and engagement. Although that is not enough, because you also need a crowd to reach out to, you need someone to see your content. If you choose to only build an organic growth you may get a couple of loyal customers who love your brand but unless you use influencers or paid ads it will get hard to scale on social media.

3. Combine your Paid ads with Organic posts

Look at your brand today. Does your social media presence shine through and show; who you are, what you stand for and most importantly what you are trying to achieve? Today we need to work hard to get the right content infront of our audience and inspire them with something appealing. We need to connect with the right influencers or use ads in an engaged way!

While organic social media continues to be important to your content marketing efforts, the most effective strategies include an element of bot organic and paid opportunities; studies show nearly one out of every four Facebook pages advertise. It’s also important to note that 85 percent of users ignore ads and focus on organic search results. This tells us that for your brand’s advertising to pay off, it needs to provide value to your target audience – just like your organic content – instead of being overly sales-y.


So the conclusion is: be personal, create relationships, be honest, use organic and paid posts and have fun 🙂